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A Day of Love


A day of Love has been set aside.

To show the whole world, the love we all have in side.

However, why do we use only one day a year

to show love to the ones we hold near.


Our hearts do not know one day from another.

If we truly care for our loved ones

Every day should be like no other.

I love my family with each passing day of my life.


God helps to bring special people

That we value into our lives.

Even though Valentines and flowers are nice,

 Our love for each other is without price. 

Why should I detain it to only one day

when I can share it throughout the year.

I'm so lucky to have love in my life

for love is shown to me  each day of the year.


The love of a friend is cherished.

The love of my child is treasured.

The Love for my husband is until death do us part. 

This one day a year is fine for some.

But, I'm so glad to share mine each day of the year

For my husband, my child, family, and friends,

For me, it is not just for one day a year.



Cathey McNabb

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