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Do Remember Me

This poem was written for my nelphew.  He died February 27, 2005.  He was only 27 years old, and he left behind 3 liitle boys ages 7, 5, and 3.
I was not happy with him because when I had the cancer, he broke into my house and stole my pain pills.  I suffered for a few weeks because I refused to get anymore medicine because I did not want him to break back into my house. Or, anyone else to break into my house. I felt violated.  Caitlyn was afraid to sleep in her room for weeks.
I forgive him, and I know in time... I will forget it. 


Do Remember Me.


You were so cute as a little boy. 

You smiled at us and brought us lots of joy.

You knew the ways to make us laugh. 

I can still see the mischief dancing in your eyes.

I will always remember you.


I can still remember the games

that we played from time to time.

From Blind’s Man Bluff, Hide N Seek,

Games like Spoons, and Don’t Break the Ice.

I will always remember you.


I will never forget that Dreadful day,

when you were six. 

I would have given my life,

just to save you from that ill fate.

I will always remember you.


It is like a bad dream

that plays over and over in my head. 
Of things, I wish I had done,

and of words that I could have said.

I will always remember you.


I did not know what to say

to make a difference in your life.

I did not know how to show you the way,

for I had my own dilemmas to fight.

I will always remember you.


You were always full of life. 

I thought you took to many chances.

I was always telling you to slow down. 

You were such a daredevil.

Then, you would say, “Do remember me.”


Now, you are gone. 

I find it is hard to believe.

These past few months,

we have not been very close.

Nevertheless, I still love and remember you.


Sleep sweet child sleep

For your soul is safe at home

deep in the heart of God.

There will be no more pain.

Yes, God remembers you, too.

Do not Weep gentle mother do not weep.
For your angel can be found

with the song of every bird,
the bloom of every flower,

and in the blaze of every sunrise.

Today there will be joy in Heaven.  
                   On angels’ wings, he will soar
 way up high, above the clouds 

gliding through Heaven’s golden doors           

Now, Bruce is smiling, “Do remember me.”


Cathey McNabb

February 27, 2005

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