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Cathey's Poems and Stories to Warm Your Heart

Inspirational, Poetry, stories, children books, and stories to warm your heart are all here, and all are my original poems and stories.  I have something for everyone.  I want to inspire others and to move them into succeeding in life.

I have won a few awards for my poems. I was honored to be named one of the best poets and poems of 2003. One of my poems, Today Is the Day to Live, is in the anthology-- Best Poems and Poets of 2003.  On this site, it is on the page, Time.
I love to write and have been writing since the age of five. I had started out writing songs,and at the age of 8, I sent a song into a recording studio, and they wanted me to sign a contract until they found out that I was only 8 years old.  I guess that I disappointed them.  I don't write songs anymore, but I do write poems and children stories. 

Hello,  I'm Cathey.  I am a teacher as well as a writer.  I love to write poems and stories.  I developed this webpage so that others can enjoy my poems and stories.


Poems From the Heart


Thank You For Visiting.


Please feel free to browse around my site.  I hope you enjoy it.


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