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Poems for My Uncle Frank

My uncle Frank died on July 6, 2006.  May he rest in peace with God's Love.


Forever in Our Hearts


 In many ways,

When I think about you,

It always reminds me of my own father.

Both of you liked to laugh and joke.


I still remember the conversations - strong or weak.

You were always up for a chat.

I would sit quietly by just to hear you speak.

You were never to busy to listen to me.


I went to see you one day,

For a while, we talked about the good old days.

It was nice to see you.

Even better, I was glad to see your smile.


I wish that I had more time to say
and tell you how much I loved you so,

but I never got the chance
because the time came for you to go.


Our great Father in Heaven,

Knew it was your time to go.

Then, he called the Angels to bring you home.

Nevertheless, we did not want to let you go.


We wish for one more day

Just to see that great big smile.

However, we know that you cannot stay,

Nevertheless, you shall remain - Forever in our hearts.


Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2006 Cathey McNabb

The Angel’s Flight


As a gentle breeze blew across the land,
the angels flew searching for a man.

They reached out to grasp a hand.

To our eyes, they remain unseen. 

He leaves behind his children's tears,
and Loving memories of many good years.

The angels whisk away all the man’s fears.
For, God has called him home.

The journey home is towards the light

On angel's wings, he has a delightful flight.

The man’s flight is like a swift flash in the night.

Before he knows it, he is at God’s feet.


To those who weep of a life that is gone,
remember that with God's love he is not alone.

For, we shall see him again some day.

However, for now only God knows that day.


Cathey McNabb 

Copyright 2006 Cathey McNabb

              An angel comes down from above

   To take a man’s soul.

Nobody will see this sight.

Everybody will miss dear Frank.


Why has this happened?

Nobody knows,


Our dear, heavenly father.


The time has now come,

for the Angels to take Frank away.

Someday he will come back down,

to Earth one day.


Here on earth we are sad

And confused.

However, we know the time has come.

In addition, we all must go someday.


Frank will not suffer.

However, we know he will miss us,

as much as we will miss him.

We pray to you heavenly father,

For you should take care of him.



Caitlyn McNabb

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