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Angel Poems

On this page I wrote some poems about Angels.  I believe that Angels walk among us.

Angel Poems


Angel Friends

Have you ever found a friend
That makes your heart glow
Someone who is wonderful
You feel honored to know.

Someone to laugh with perhaps even to cry
Someone whom you love
Someone who is comfortable to be around

Someone who just seems to understand.

Someone that you think of day and night
Someone you pray for as you go to bed
Someone who shows up when needed
Thoughts of them are always on your mind.

Someone who shares with you all your ups and downs
Someone who comes when called
Someone who shares your smiles and frowns
Surely you must know, God planted that seed

These seeds God has planted here on earth
Were planted deeply in our friends
They cannot be measured by earth's worth
Only by God's values placed here from the start

Value those friendships, honor their decisions
Respect their feelings and not make demands
Never try to change their dreams to your own
Hold their love tightly in your hands

Refrain from angry if you don't talk to them each day
Trust in friendship, send them a piece of your heart
For a heart can still feel loved even if it's far away
This is how God intended love to be.

Place their memory in your heart and mind
See them for what they really are
Continue to love them for all time
Friends are Angels Sent From God

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb

Angel's Tears

God sends us something special
to us during the dark months of the year.
To let us know that he loves us
and to give us some good cheer.

Each tear is a gentle soft flake
that tumbles through the air.
It guides and dances across the sky
singing God's love and joy to all.

They gently summon us
to join in God's glorious embrace.
Dancing across the gray sky
the Angels' tears covers all like white lace.

At Christmas time when
everyone is in such a rush,
We can look up above
For angels tears and Gods love
To fulfill our lives here on Earth.

So if you start to feel blue
And besieged by this worlds fears.
Just look outside your window
God is sprinkling his angels tears.

So, the next time it snows,
and you are dreading the mess.
Just think it is Angel's tears
singing that you are being blessed.

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb


One poem can spark a moment,
One flower can wake the dream.
One tree can start a forest,
One bird can announce the spring.

One hug lifts a spirit.
One smile begins a friendship,
One belief can frame the soul
One star can guide a ship.

One sunbeam lights a room,
One decision can transform a nation,
One candle wipes out the darkness,
One laugh will conquer despair.

One praise will raise our spirits,
One touch can show you care.
One step must begin each journey,
One word must commence each prayer.

One heart can know what's true,
One voice can speak with wisdom.
One life can make the difference,
You see it is all up to YOU!"

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb

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