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A Teacher's Touch

Touch of a Teacher’s Love

You showed tenderness and patience

With the little ones that struggle,

You jumped with joy for the ones

that raced to the top.


As for the ones that just did not care

You show them how much you cared

By taking notice when they did what was expected.


You taught thousands how to multiply and divide.

You showed them how to write

narrative, expressive,

and believable stories.

You walked with them every step of the way.


But more than anything,

You gave them your love to hold on to forever.

When you reached out to them,

you brought joy to their souls. 

You taught them to learn, love, and to dream.


Dreams of becoming a nurse, an artist,

a teacher, or even the President.

Whatever they become, it is thanks to you.

Thanks for being a great teacher!



Cathey McNabb

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