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Ms. Patsy Goatz

Dedicated to Ms. Patsy

Ms. Patsy was our second grade assisstant at school.  We lost her Thursday, September 1, 2005.  It was very unexpected.  We love you Ms. Patsy.  This is dedicated to her memory.


Our Angel - Our Hero


All my life, I have heard

That Angels walk among us.

They are here

To guide and watch over us.


There comes a time,

When, they must leave us.

Death comes knocking on the door.

It coaxes our Angels away.


We have lost our Angel.

Our Angel was the best.

Ms. Patsy was our Angel.

Our Angel walked with us.


She held my hand with love,

As I was almost called home to Heaven.

With God’s Grace and love from her and others,

I am here with you, today.


Patsy is our Angel.

She shines in God’s grace.

She was a mother, grandmother, and a dear friend.

She loved all the children as if they were her own.


She has not gone very far.

Her memory will always remain.

She is the soft summer breeze

That lifts a baby’s soft curl.


She is that bird

That sings in the gentle rain.

She is the softest light,

Of a shining star in the night.


She is the tender autumn’s rain

That brings out the bright colors in the fall.

She is the bright fall leaves

That flies in the air and around our feet.


Ms. Patsy has been called home

By the higher power of God.

To do an impossible feat

That only Ms. Patsy can do.


Ms. Patsy is our Angel.

She was our Hero.

She will hold a special place in our hearts.

Until, we can meet again.


We love you Ms. Patsy.


With Love,

Cathey and Caitlyn McNabb


Walk Of Life


As we walk through life,
we meet many interesting people. 
Some we meet makes an impression on us. 
The thoughts of others linger
only for a little while. 

There are some people in this world,
who leave a footprint on our hearts. 
While others only leave a faint memory
that quickly, passes away
like a whisper in the dark. 
Ms. Patsy, my friend, has touched my heart;
she taught us all to show compassion to others.
Her kindness and generosity for others
will assure people that there will remain
some good souls left on this Earth

There are some people in our walk of life
Who become our friends forever.
Ms. Patsy was one of these. 
She has made a difference. 
This difference has touched
thousands of hearts.



Cathey McNabb



Patsy Goatz


P is for Patience for all

A is for Accepting Others

T is for Trusting & Truthful

S is for a Sincere Friend

Y is for Your Kindness


G is for a Great sense of Humor

O is for Openness

A is an Angel in our lives

T is for taking time for the Children

Z is Zest for Life



Cathey McNabb


Patsy Goatz


P is for Pretty

A is for an Inspiring person

T is for Terrific ways of sense of Humor

S is for Singing with Joy

Y is for You were a Special Person


G is for Great Loving Ways

O is for an Outstanding Person

A is for an Amazing Person

T is for Terrifically Talented

Z is for a Zillion Ways of Love



Caitlyn McNabb

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