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Family Poems

Here are some poems that I wrote for my husband Tony and our daughter, Caitlyn.

Family Poems
for Tony
To my Husband...

Remember all the times when we are together.
Our friendship is the kind that lasts forever.

Remember the games that we play with laughter
echoing throughout the house. Our sense of humor will stay.

I can remember the first day when I met you.
Your smile was shining in your eyes.
I knew right then that I belonged with you.

Remember that you make me happy.
From the soft touch of your hand,
To the soft kiss before you go to work.

Remember as days go by, and sometimes they will.
When we fight about silly things, just remember that
I love you so much, and I am happy still.

I am glad that I am your wife. I can't imagine not having you there.
I am so thankful to be apart of your life.

I never thought that I would find someone as wonderful as you.
To love my child as much as you love me.

Remember that one plus two is only three.
But, our love became a family.
Three became one and that is the best thing to be.

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb

The First Time
To my daughter

The first time that I looked into your eyes,
My heart leaped with joy.
The first time that I heard you speak,
My heart quivered with joy.

The first time that you spelled your name,
My heart was ecstatic with pride and joy.
There will be many more "first times."
I am hoping that we will remain close.

The first time that I have to let you
Fight your battles cuts me like a knife.
My heart prays that you will remember
The principles that I've taught you.

The first time that you look at your daughter,
And then you remember the words that I said to you--
"Of all the little girls in the world,
I am so glad that you are my little girl."

For daughter, you are my joy.
My heart is charmed to have you as my daughter.
I realize that my baby will always be my baby,
And my heart beams with joy.

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb

My Family
Do You Know...
Do you know
Just how special you are?
Your inner light shines so bright
It may even out shine a star.

Do you know
How important you are to others?
Someone out there is smiling
because you were kind to them today.

Do you know
how many times you brighten someone's day?
When You emailed, wrote, or called them,
and it made them feel special.

For the time you spend caring
And sharing whatever you may descry.
There are not enough words to say thank you,
But somebody thinks you are wonderful.

Do you know how much someone loves you?
Well, my precious friend,
Today I am telling you:
I think you are grand.

Cathey McNabb

Copyright 2004 Cathey McNabb

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For my husband and daughter, they are my best friends.