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Writer's Workshop

I wrote this to summarize the weeklong writer's workshop.

Writer’s Workshop Blues



Cathey McNabb


It is so exciting and fun.

I get to write a book.

Pen, paper, and an idea are all set to go.


Writing all morning and drawing all afternoon.

Oh, this is harder than I thought.

I want to bang my head against the wall.


“Details, Details, Details!”  Mrs. McNabb insists.

“Draw, Draw, Draw!”  Mr. Ollie demands.

Oh, I think that I’m going to scream.

Oh, I think that I have the writer’s workshop blues.


Hey, I think I understand.

Details, details, details are what I am seeing.

The illustrations are looking great.


Ms. Mecca reminds me of a cheerleader

as she bounces around the room.

“Yes, you can!”  She sings.


My book is coming together.

And, it is better than I could ever think.

Victory is almost here.


Understanding writing is my achievement.

Drawing doesn’t scare me anymore.

And, I have a book to prove it.

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