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Remembering My Special Friends/Pets

We lost 5 pets in 2010. We love them so much, and they will remain in our hearts and memories forever.

Name of One Pet:  Boo Boo Kitty

flood 2010 122.jpg

Boo Boo Kitty found us.   In May of 2002, my husband was mowing the yard.  I was cooking supper when he came in the house.  He told us that he heard a kitten under our house.  I thought he was lying.  I turned the stove off and went outside and crawled under the house.  Yes, sure enough there was a skinny but beautiful little kitten.  She wouldn't come to Tony or Caitlyn. 
I have lived with animals all of my life, so I picked up some of the sounds that they make.  I can sound just like a mama cat.  So, I started meowing, and the little kitty came to me purring.
Needless to say, the kitten became my cat and follows me everywhere in the house.  When I am on the computer, she is either in my lap, on the computer desk, or on the back of my chair. 
When she is ready for bed, she gets between me and the monitor or keyboard purring.  I know she is saying, "Don't you think it is time for bed?  Like right now!  Please!'
I wrote a children's book about Boo Boo Kitty.  My kids at school love to read the book.  They laugh at the things that Boo Boo and my other animals do.
Boo left us in February 2010.  She held on fighting even in the end.  I had to tell her to let go.   She died in my arms and on my bed; the exact place that she always love to be.  It broke my heart.  I lost my best friend.  I miss her so much.  I love her so.



Cody was born in June of 1995.  He is nine months older than Caitlyn.  When Caitlyn was little, she and Cody used to run to see who gets in my lap first.  They were never mean to each other. I taught Cody to add when he was little.  I would ask like what is 2 plus 1 , and he would bark 3 times. He was such a neat little fellow. Cody used to sleep on my feet every night.  He is getting old now.  I have to pick him up to put him on the bed.  When he isn't on the bed, he sleeps on the floor beside me on my side of the bed.
Cody died in October 2010.  I still miss my little fellow.  He had a massive seizure.


Fred 2000--2010
We love you Fred.

Squeaky 2006---2010
My Big Ole Baby

August 2010 He had a kidney disease.

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