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Thankful for friends and co-workers

I have great friends with the teachers and staff at the school where I teach.  They have been awesome.  They forgive me when I can't get everything together.  It bothers me more than them.  I am very thankful for them.

That Extra Mile


You all are really something special
For you took the time to care,
Your actions speak louder than words
By making it easier for me to bear.

Thanks for all of your understanding
And for those that always wore a smile,
You all help me to know
That I can walk that extra mile.

So many times, I think about all of you
Words cannot express the emotions

That I feel swelling up in my heart
As, thoughts rush through my head.

I think of the times that I felt so overwhelm

And, someone would come by

just to say a kind word.

You helped me make that extra mile.

True friends are hard to find

Some how I was blessed.

For I have a family of friends

at Riverside Elementary.


Everyone has been so kind and understanding.

For this, I will always cherish in my heart.
May we always remember the kindness.

And, keep the feelings near to our hearts.

So a very special thank you
To you my friends with so much kindness,
The circle of friends that thinks enough
To go that extra mile.......



Cathey McNabb

December 2004


Thanks to those who offered a kind word.

Your kindness lifted my spirits.

Thanks to those who said a nightly prayer.

There is a stronger power in prayers.


Thanks to those who took the time to care.

You always knew when to be there.

Thanks to those who knew I needed a hug.

Do you know that you are my Angels?


Thanks to those who often smiled.

It gave me the strength to keep going.

Thanks to those who did not show pity.

For it gave me the strength to keep fighting.


Thanks for all who cooked or bought food.

You took the time to help another.

I can never say thank you enough.

You are truly friends like no other.


Thanks to those who did bus duty.

You knew that I really wasn’t able.

Your kindness shines as bright;

As the stars shine at night.


You all pull together to help another.

Your love gave me strength.

Riverside Elementary School is not like any other.

You are all diamonds, rubies, and pearls.


 Cathey McNabb  

  (December 2004)

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